Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year Wisdom

   Love this thought shared by my friend Jill, and at this as well:
   Lucas Mhina, a safari guide in Africa, shared this thought today. I haven't met him in person (Joni and Alan have used him as a guide, and love him) and based on his posts I'd love him, too! Hope to meet him in person someday. Here's what he shared:
   "No matter how many times the teeth bites the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That's the spirit of FORGIVENESS. Even though the eyes don't see each other, they see things together, blink and cry together. That's UNITY." 
May the lord grant us spirit of forgiveness and togetherness.
1. Alone I can "enjoy" but together we can "celebrate".
2. Alone I can "say" but together we can "talk".
3. Alone I can "smile" but together we can "laugh".
That's the BEAUTY of human relations. We are nothing without each other. STAY CONNECTED!! Wish you a PROSPEROUS New year 2017.