Wednesday, February 22, 2017


PSA (Pet Safety Announcement)
   Anybody who knows me knows that I love my pets. And that my pets have a ton of personality. And that "personality" is code for "they are sometimes a complete pain in the @**." Sharing this story and sketch in the hopes that it can help you avoid similar trouble in your own home. Take out the trash!!
   Overnight, my cat got into the trash and dragged out some pork bones (delicious KC BBQ!) that I had forgotten to take to the garage. She dragged them into the living room and chewed on them, then came upstairs and puked on my bed (while I was sleeping in it).
   The dogs knew all this before I did, so when we headed downstairs bright and early this morning, one ran straight to the bones in the living room and swallowed at least one of themwholebefore I could intercept him.
   Number 6 in the drawing is: I wait nervously to see if an emergency surgery will be in order. UGH!!! Welcome to the circle of garbage.