Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Journey Continues...

   Crazy to think that two years ago today was my final day at Hallmark, where I "lived" for 18 years.
   These last two years have been a fantastic adventure. I've met a ton of new friends. I worked for a year at a little agency creating marketing for Coca-Cola. I seriously considered moving to Hawaii for another job.
   In January I started teaching part-time at an art college near my house. Instantly fell in love with teaching and plan to continue. (I'm still teaching scuba as needed, too.)
   Within the last three months, I launched my own full-time freelance business and have been blessed with some great clients and fun work already. (I appreciate referrals, of course!) The variety of work I'm doing and the challenge of juggling everything is exhilarating. You can see what I've been up to at 
   When I left my long time job, it was an ending-- but I also believed it was the beginning of great new things that I never would have discovered otherwise. I'm thrilled that Facebook has made it easy to keep in touch with so many of you. Thanks for your friendship and support!