Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Aki

    My little Aki is 4 years old today. We didn't do much to celebrate yet, as I had an event with the AMA at the Roasterie after work. They told us all about the partnerships between several Kansas City businesses and let us sample some of their food: Roasterie coffee and coffee ice cream, Oklahoma Joe's BBQ pork, sausage, and Cowtown BBQ sauce; Original Juan's chips, salsas and BBQ sauces, Andre's caramel-espresso chocolates and 75th Street Brewery beer. (Blanc Burger was there too, but inexplicably had nothing to sample—boo!) Danielle went with me, and we saw Jerrod there, and had a fun time snacking and listening to reps of each business talk about their process and their products. They really are innovative, and KC is a hidden gem in the culinary world as far as I'm concerned. We have some incredible restaurants here that rival anything I've had on my U.S. travels (OK, except for Nobu).
   So, I'll make it up to Aki by taking her to the dog park this weekend, after I've sent little Koko off to his new home (hopefully!) She deserves a party after being an awesome puppy raiser this week!