Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kansas City Corporate Challenge: Game Faces

    Hey Sprint, DST, Garmin and the like, if you're wondering who's going to clean your clock this year, it's us.
(Looks like I'm ready for roller derby. They have that in corporate challenge now, right?!) That's Danielle, Aaron,  Kamaron, me, Tom, Bess, Ralph, Tom and Lory.
   Seriously, how about Danielle's handiwork on this promotional poster? She had a bunch of us meet at the gym in our official shirts and all the random gear we could carry, she took our photos, and then composed them into these awesome, vintage-looking shots.
Bravo, Danielle!
   I'm looking forward to the events starting up in May... hoping to run the 5K, any of the track events, and maybe tug of war, too.