Friday, March 4, 2011

Performance Reviews

   The 2010 performance review season just ended, and Atom is already working on an "Exceeds" for 2011.  (Previous reports here and here. My September 2010 posts are rodent-filled.) Aki and Taylor are working hard as well, as expert puppy-raisers for my foster brood. And Gypsy... well, Gypsy looks cute. (She's the queen, so we'll let her slide.)
   Tonight I got home, started dinner, and ran downstairs to feed the cats and found a helpless juvenile mousie in the middle of the floor. He was injured and incapacitated—Atom thoughtfully made sure I'd find him alive. I could tell he wasn't going to live long because he had a puncture in his neck. But he was alert enough that I placed him safely in an aquarium with some food, water and bedding material so at least he'd slip away peacefully.
   I realize I'm the only person in the world who cares for a little mousie, and they are pests, and I don't want them in my home, but I hate to see such a sweet little animal suffer. Sorry, lil' guy. Hope you're living it up in mousie heaven.