Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aki Update

   Sincere thanks to everyone for expressing your concern for Aki...
I really appreciate your kind words and wishes! It means a lot.
   Here's the update: Last night was tough. She was uncomfortable and restless, and she had a few more gagging spells (no food in her stomach this time, fortunately). I took her to the vet early this morning for another check.
   By the time I arrived at Red Bridge Animal Clinic (LOVE those guys! And I have to thank my friend Joni for recommending them to me 13+ years ago!), Dr. Rad had already reviewed her bloodwork and x-rays from last night, and agreed with Dr. Miller that everything looked good. She was perkier this morning and able to walk, but her back legs are very stiff, her muscles are constantly having spasms, and her stomach feels tense. She can't sit or lie down without difficulty: she looks like a 16-year-old arthritic dog trying to move. Poor baby.
   Dr. Rad's best guess is that she injured her back somehow: possibly by falling down the stairs, jumping and landing badly, or wrestling with Taylor. Her pain could be due to a herniated disc. So I need to keep her as quiet as possible for at least 2 weeks and monitor her. He suggested that she stay for the day so he could observe her, and then I could pick her up tonight.
   It felt strange to leave her at the vet, and Tay thought so too. (He was in the car; when one goes to the vet, the other is always on ride-along.) I worked at home today and it was touching to see how distraught he was... he paced and moped around all day, sighing and looking for her. I was proud of him for lying next to her when she was hurt yesterday. (I can't even imagine how hard it's going to be someday when I do lose one of them... we're all going to be a mess!)
   I headed back at 5:00 to get Aki, and she was so glad to see me... but not half as glad as she was to see Taylor! You would have thought they'd been separated for days. Now they're snuggled up on my feet, on the couch, with both kitties too. If you don't hear from me again, I may have been smothered by animals. I'll keep Aki on the Rimadyl (pain med) for a few days and lay off the jogging with her, and hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon.
   Looks like it'll be up to me & Tay this year to see if we can place in our 4th Dog-n-Jog in a row... and speaking of that, take a look at HSGKC's home page: that's Aki running on the right side of the photo! If you want to give us a run for our money, register yourself & your dog to run, or consider donating for this great cause.