Saturday, April 30, 2011

Max Toy + Max Luck!

   My plush are back from their Tokyo vacation... Looks like Lady Maxx and Eyezon sold, but Captain Maxx is still available. Mark Nagata, who created the characters for his Max Toy Company, wrote some great posts about the shows. Wish I could have been there for the opening, but given the timing with the catastrophic earthquakes and the tsunami, it's better that I hadn't planned on it. 

   And by some crazy stroke of luck, I'll be in SF in time to see the show in person!
   And if that wasn't weird enough, get this: tonight I was shopping for a new business suit to wear to the meetings in SF later this week. They're kind of important, so I wanted to look really sharp. While I was in Banana Republic, I got both an email and a phone call informing me that Diddy Dirty Money had cancelled. I've had this ticket for weeks and was really excited to see them for the first time.
   I made a mental note to come home & check their tour dates to see if I could catch another show, like Chicago or St. Louis. I looked. And they will be playing in SAN FRANCISCO one of the nights I'm there, and tickets ARE available! I got mine. The venue is walking distance from my hotel. And my other ticket will be refunded—minus service charges, because as we all know, Ticketmaster is evil. And I'm Even Steven!