Friday, April 29, 2011

Strange Week

   This has been a strange week overall, and I'm glad it is coming to an end, I must say. I'm still trying to get over the evil tick bites from a couple of weeks ago and feel like I'm at about 60%. Work is intensely busy: mostly good stuff, but still stressful. My Mom was attacked at school this week by one of her students, requiring a trip to the hospital. And to find Aki suddenly incapacitated on Monday night and thinking I might lose her... well, it's all been a bit much.
Her Sphinx-dog pose signals that she's hungry for dinner
   But I'm thrilled to report that my Mom is going to be okay (the most important thing of all, obviously!), and Aki continues to improve. Tonight she even joined Taylor in a spirited roll in the grass. 
   It was hard going running this week without her. When Tay & I walked out the door you could read the, "Hey! What about ME?!" right on her face. It was heartbreaking to leave her at home, but my hope is that she'll be healed and back out with us soon. Tay needs a break, too... we've been running so much that the pads on his front paws are worn down. So I guess we're one big, gimpy, happy family. Weeks like this, you've gotta count all the blessings that you do have and do the best you can.