Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue blue blue

Photo from femmeonfeast
   This morning I got up early, had coffee and read the paper, then started laundry and washed the car inside and out. Then I left to meet Nicole, Stacy and Abby at Blue Stem for a champagne brunch (bellini = yum). As I walked in, the host directed me toward the table, cautioning me to watch out for the service dog on the way. I assumed it would be a Lab or a Golden. Imagine my surprise when I saw a pretty red Shiba in a blue service jacket sleeping lazily by her owner's side! I didn't get a chance to inquire about the dog or the type of service it provided, but it made me happy to see a Shiba dispelling the stereotype that they're aloof and not fit for service. (And brunch was amazing, too! Yay!)
   Blue was a theme this weekend. Last night I finally tried Blue Grotto in Brookside, a swanky gourmet pizzeria and wine bar, with a terrific antipasti selection. Everything we tried was yum.
Photo from restaurant website