Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Shenanigans

   Madeline hosted a Memorial Day BBQ for her parents, Kelly, Erica & her daughter, Bob & Ana, and me. And she graciously allowed me to bring the brats with me, who had fun trying to keep Bruce in line, as usual. Wish I had caught more of the "Shiba roars" on video. All three were really wound up... and tired that evening. Yesss!!!
   While the dogs wore themselves out, we indulged on key lime margaritas, grilled steaks and corn on the cob, and no less than 1000 other delicacies. (Seriously, Madeline is going to have to get a bigger dining room table if we keep partying like this.)
Oh, and Diane made pie. Sweet, sweet pie...
Meanwhile, in the back yard:
"We'd like some steak, please."
Planning the jailbreak:
Bruce, in his natural habitat:
   Not surprisingly, Wayne was the dogs' best friend. Taylor wouldn't leave his side, and it made Bruce a lil' jealous:
Cool sign in Madeline's collection:
   I'm pretty sure it says, "Thanks, Tompkins family, for your hospitality and all the yummy goodies."  :)