Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deja Vu

   Aki is working overtime to excel on her midyear performance review.
   On Sunday I came downstairs to find a dead mouse on the living room rug. None of the animals claimed it, and I quickly picked it up and disposed of it.
   Today I came home to find another mouse in precisely the same spot as before. Pretty sure Aki bagged it, as she greeted me at the door and was clearly excited to show it to me. Ugh.
   The heat must be driving them inside. It's not as if I leave food everywhere! And how dumb are these animals, seriously? Can't they smell cats and dogs when they enter? Do I need to put up a "DANGER" sign to warn them?
   I'm glad my animals are on the job. I just wish they didn't need to be. Also, very thankful that they're not eating their quarry. Also, need to throw away that rug. It seems to be the depository of choice for rodent spirits.