Friday, September 30, 2011

Pitchin' & Bitchin'

   Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Even our local alternative weekly 'zine (free, because no one would pay for it?), The Pitch. I was looking for photos of today's event and a Google search turned up an unnecessarily sarcastic story. Yes, it's true that we are artists, and we work for Hallmark. That doesn't make us sell-outs. It doesn't mean we couldn't make it on our own. Maybe, just maybe, we enjoy working in the company of 800 other fantastically-creative and talented people? That being surrounded by almost incomprehensible talent five days a week is fun? That working in a building with an art collection that rivals most museums is a pleasure? That working for a family who has been a powerful force for good in Kansas City for 100 years is inspiring?
   I could go on, but what's the point? The Pitch has some unspoken vendetta against Hallmark, which was especially transparent a few years ago when they did an "expose" on our company; an article riddled with misinformation. (I'm talking facts like the names & faces of the company's leaders, not simply differences of opinion.)
   Working for the purpose of helping people make deep and genuine connections with the people they care about is a lot better than purposefully spreading ill will. At least in my opinion. But I'll leave the staff of The Pitch to their own.