Saturday, May 5, 2012

Party at City Bitty Farm

   Jen, who sits across from me at work, loves to trade naughty dog stories with me. She has 3 mixed breeds, Crockett and the girls: Banzai and Ninja. With names like that, you should know they spell trouble. (Can you say, dog climbed up on the car & onto the roof of the garage? Or got lost at Shawnee Mission Park for over 5 hours?) We vowed that our dogs should never meet, lest they trade ideas to take their badness to new heights!
   Alas, Ninja and Banzai were celebrating their second birthday this weekend, and she invited us all over, and I couldn't pass it up. I'm glad I didn't... the dogs were *miraculously* well-behaved together, and it was a gorgeous afternoon to spend lounging outside under big shady trees, with our feet dangling in the dogs' kiddie pool. Greg showed us his green house full of cute lil' plants and they sent me home with an aloe plant (for my Warrior Dash sunburn) and a ton of micro-green mixes. Not to mention goody bags for the pups! We're totally spoiled now!!!
Ninja & Banzai can't wait!
Bruce & Aki
Taylor quickly locates the people food... but then chooses affection:
He gets a little too fresh...
And Bruce attempts to reclaim his lady!
Jennifer & Crockett
Fresh microgreens: mizuna, peas, radish, pac choi, red cabbage, mustard greens and more!
   Then Greg brought out the cake from Three Dog Bakery, and suddenly he was the most popular guy in the yard...
Will levitate for cake.
And then the Warrior hat came out...
Crockett always looks so happy!
Ninja too!
Banzai looks appropriately embarrassed...
Time for a swim!
The "you'll pay for this" face
Stay down, Bruce—NOOOOOO
More posts to come...
'Til then, check out Greg & Jen on this urban farm site