Tuesday, November 19, 2013

7 Things

   On Facebook there is an exercise that has been circulating, where a friend gives you a number and you have to tell that many little-known facts about yourself. I share so much that it's hard for me to imagine that people don't know these already, but here's what I posted. Amy P gave me #7...

1) My best subjects are art, sciences (biology, chemistry), and languages (Spanish, French, Japanese). When I grow up I want to be an artist, animal trainer, photographer, world traveler, writer, chef, pro Scuba diver, pro snowboarder, and marine biologist.

2) I adore rap and hip hop music and can sing many of the lyrics. Which I have to remind myself not to do out loud, because the lyrics are so filthy.

3) I've been working since I was 12. My first job was for a collie breeder & boarding kennel, caring for 30-70 dogs at a time—often by myself.

4) I take a ton of photos. I love to look through them to relive the experiences. And... secretly I'm afraid if I don't "capture" moments, I might forget.

5) When I'm in the mood to draw or paint, I can sit for hours and get so into it that I lose track of time and forget to eat or sleep.

6) I’ll eat most anything and am quite adventurous—BUT—I won't eat anything with mayonnaise in, on, or around it. My sister used to taunt me by chasing me around the house with an open jar of Miracle Whip.

7) I was afraid of swimming my whole life; took lessons 4 years ago and loved it—and signed up for scuba certification. Before my first real open water dive, I had a serious panic attack. Now I love it so much that I am in Divemaster training.

8) I like to write and found it difficult to limit the list to 7 things. ;)