Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dreams of Curiosities

   I had an incredible dream last night… I was on my way somewhere, but noticed a sign for an estate sale and felt the urge to look inside. An older woman was selling off her collection of books and scientific artifacts. She hadn't died, she was just downsizing, so she was there to show people things they might like. I dove right in myself. It was a huge, grand living room with massive shelves that towered over me, brimming with books. She seemed pleased when she saw my expression as I dove in.
   I found art books I'd never seen before, and turned the corner to find a whole row of children's story and activity books—unique things from around the world. Not only did I love them, I wanted to buy a bunch for Sean and Aaron. I knew Kelley and Eric would approve of the amazing illustrations.
   Then I found biology books, and the ones about ocean creatures were especially memorable. There were also life-size, realistic-looking maquettes of sharks, octopus, and jellyfish. I scooped those up immediately, along with my already-overflowing-armload of books. Next to the creatures was a rubber amalgamation of a human scull and a jellyfish, in bright pinks and purples. It looked real enough that I remember wondering to myself if this creature ever existed. I didn't want it for my collection, but was trying to think of someone I know who would want this one-of-a-kind item, and planned to buy it for them.
   That's all I remember; my guess is that this was spurred by my "7 Things" list that I wrote for Facebook, since I mentioned foreign languages, biology and animals, and diving. The books I saw in my dream built upon my collection of art books and Japanese children's books. The woman in the dream reminded me of my friend Patty M, who is super curious, smart, and diverse in her interests, as well as kind and generous. Interesting how the mind works, putting things together while we dream.