Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bye-bye, LA!

   I got hugs from Mom and Kelley, and a smile from Aaron, but Sean refused to come over and say good-bye to me. We were all in the driveway as I prepared to jump into Dave's car and head to the airport. It's just as well, if he had given me a hug or a "good-bye Aunt Jen" one of us probably would have ended up crying... And probably not the two-year-old one of us. Not sure when I'll see them all again, since I'll be in Portland with Kristin for Christmas, but I already can't wait till the next time. That kid is ridonkulously cute.
   I'm frankly amazed by my sister's strength in dealing with a challenging day-to-day situation, by seeing my mom perform as an incredible, caring grandma, and by little Aaron's evolution in just the 5 days I was there--not to mention the smart and funny things coming out of Sean's mouth. It made me very happy and proud of my family. Wish we could be together more often, but at least we can relish the moments we do have.
   Thank goodness for distractions like LA traffic, and stupid-long baggage check & security lines (nearly missed my flight). But more so for surprises like being greeted at the airport by... friends,  having my bags carried and a hot, homemade dinner waiting for me in the car, and a surprise movie: Almost Time. The movie, like the guys, was indescribably sweet... And it's funny how their actions tonight mirrored the moral of the film. (Even if while I was gone, not so much).
What a mostly-awesome few days.
   Also, my suitcase is purring. Must be glad to be home sweet home.