Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bump in the night

   It has been a very exciting Saturday night… I heard a bump upstairs, went to investigate, and found the kitty scrambling around the bathroom floor. 
   I picked up the trashcan and suddenly, a mousie jumped out from behind it and ran all the way up my arm almost to my shoulder before I could shake it off. I'm not afraid of mice, but it was so sudden and unexpected it made me let out a little scream that surprised even myself. It also drew a crowd:

   Kismet caught him, but the Shibas would have gladly dispatched of him!  Proof that this breed is as catlike as you've heard.

   I took these few photos to capture my mighty hunters, put the mousy in a trashcan, and took him a mile away from the house to release him back into the wild. I couldn't bring myself to kill a mouse, they're too cute. And so are the photos. Squeak!