Sunday, January 26, 2014

Groundhog Run

   Over the river and to the caves! Second 10k race in the books. Running in caves is fun...  The Groundhog Race tends to be one of my favorites because it's so unique. I had only done the 5K before, and today I did it twice! I basically tied my PR for a 10K distance in a race (my first 6 miles of the half marathon was about the same), so I feel good and I'm happy with the results: 55:40 chip time, 8:57/mile.
   I also beat my Plaza 10k time by a whopping 23 seconds per mile… Wow! How far I've come since September! After two consecutive years of injuries (ankle surgery and fractured arm), I'm finally getting my mojo back. :)
Proof that I am (at least slightly) taller than a groundhog
   Superduper glad that Rich was alongside me to keep me running hard (my muscles are still tight and sore from the cold swimming pool yesterday). It seemed when I started to get tired, Rich was getting his second wind, and vice versa. He's a great partner.

   New since the last time I ran this race: shuttle buses from Ameristar Casino, gear check, and finishers medals. Wonder what will be in store for next year?