Sunday, February 16, 2014

Remarkable Run

   My favorite part of today's run was as I was nearing old Overland Park, coming down the street towards the Korean church. I saw a nicely-dressed woman up ahead wearing a long brown coat and a neon yellow scarf. As we approached each other, she flashed day 1,000,000 megawatt smile at me, and I smiled right back. I could tell she wanted to chat for a moment, so I turned off my music and pulled out my headphones and said good morning. She said a very cheerful good morning back to me, and asked me how I was doing on this fine day, and how far I had run. I checked my Nike+ app, looked up and said, "3 miles so far. I am hoping to hit six." 
   She congratulated me and said, "You go, girl! I know you can do it!" I thanked her, wished her a good day, and started to trot off again, and she waved and said, "By the way, my name is Margaret." I told her my name. As if we were planning to meet again.
   On one hand, it's funny to me that she would want to tell me her name. And on the other hand, I do feel like I'll run into Margaret again. I actually have a strong belief in fate and am open to opportunities like this. Chatting with random strangers is one of my favorite things. I never know what I will learn from them.
   Margaret definitely inspired me to keep going this morning, and made the rest of the run feel easier somehow. I love people like her who radiate friendliness and kindness, and make everyone around them feel good. She had no reason to say anything more than hello or good morning or simply wave to me. But for some reason she was compelled to say more. I find that really interesting. And I hope that people feel the same when they meet me. It's something to me to strive for.
   It reminded me of my chance meeting with my friend Pam.