Monday, September 22, 2014

Hallmarket work in progress

   Here's some of the goodness I've got cooking for Hallmarket, which is this Saturday, 9/27, at Crown Center in Kansas City. This weekend I finished one painting, started another, and started framing everything else. I wish I had another weekend before the event, but isn't that always the way?
Detail of one of my Maneki neko pieces:
   This is the original drawing (Sharpie on metal plate) which led to my Maneki Neko transfer series. All are one of a kind.
   When you're working on a beer-themed piece, it's only natural to drink & draw:
   I think Madeline is interested in this one, which was partly inspired by her Bruce and his love of chomping plastic water bottles. And I followed it up with a "black & tan" Shiba piece (not completed as of this photo). I have a couple more animal/beer themed paintings drawn, waiting to be painted. The makings of a new series!
   This lil' guy was inspired by the impending deadline. I still have SO much to do!!!
   Here's a piece it's a little more positive in spirit: even a stormcloud can bring happy things!
   And this, my favorite in the whole lot, was inspired by all the fantastic creatures I've seen while diving & snorkeling in the Caribbean. I had so much fun creating it that it felt easy, though it was a lot of hours of very careful work. My recent trip to Roatan inspired me! John and Michele saw it and I think they're going to snag it, which I'm absolutely thrilled about... So I can still go visit it.
   And did I mention that it was painted while balancing a cat on my head? Forget painting: THAT'S talent.
   Hope to see you all at the show! I'm aiming to have over 20 pieces for sale... Search Facebook for "Hallmarket" to get a peek at some of the work of over 100 other artists. There is a ridiculous amount of talent in out company--you don't want to miss it!