Sunday, September 14, 2014

Plaza 10k

   Neither cold temperatures, not sinus infection, nor dark of dawn shall keep me from running the Plaza 10k, said I. So I did. Along with my pacesetter buddy Rich; and Britten, Abby, and Madeline.
   It was a glorious morning to witness the sunrise (though I swear I'll never become a morning person, despite a strong desire to be one):
   The race swag is great: check out those medals!
   I was pretty sure that Rich & I bested last year's time (our first 10k ever). So I looked it up. Last year we ran in 59:03, and this year was 54:54! Holy cow--not a bad improvement considering that neither of us was training for this race, and it was putting the hurt on us afterward! I didn't realize how synchronized we were!  ;)
   The official results email said: there were 441 finishers in the Female 35 to 39 age group and 3325 finishers in the race. Your overall finish place was 859 and your age group finish place was 79. Your overall finish percentile was 26 while your age group percentile was 18. Not bad, but I bet I can do even better next year! Here we are: