Friday, October 24, 2014

Shibas in need

   MSIR, the rescue group from which I adopted my two dogs, is about to get flooded with dogs of all ages from a commercial breeder who is shutting down. Obviously, this is great news--one less puppy mill contributing to an epidemic of over-breeding and mistreating animals. Problem is, MSIR needs somewhere to stash all of the new recruits, plus the 19 dogs they already have in their care. If you are looking for a wonderful dog to adopt, please go to and fill out an application. Here are some facts about the breed to help entice you:
   Shibas are excellent mousers--better than a cat because they go for the kill... As my guys reminded me this morning, when I was already running late for work! Taylor caught it, then Aki took it from him & finished the job. Ugh!

   My dogs have caught mice, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, possums, and birds--too many to count. And  they've treed a raccoon much bigger than themselves.  (Shibas are only about 25 lbs, though they look much bigger in photos.)

   Shibas provide a perfect place for you to sit your cup. Here, Taylor mistakes the Cappy's cup for a cap!

   They're equally good at holding whales:
   Cold winter nights are no problem with these excellent couch warmers:
   They give your cat someone to boss around:
   Did I mention that they are great mousers? (Mine have caught at least 10 this year alone.)
   They are excellent running buddies:
   They can provide all the fur you need to keep yourself warm... And then some:
   They are excellent first mates for your kayak:
   Need I go on? Clearly, they are the best. So hurry up and get to that website and fill out your application, please! And tell your friends!