Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A teacher's impact

   By coincidence this past weekend, LinkedIn prompted me to connect with a familiar face whom I hadn't seen in years… Barb Will, my very first scuba instructor, for Open Water in 2/2010. I was so delighted to see her face and knew immediately that I wanted to send her a message to let her know that I am enrolled in IDC.
   I feel I owe so much to Barb. I landed in her class just a few months after I took my very first swim lessons. I had JUST learned to breathe consistently through my nose while swimming, so I was immediately on the wrong track for scuba, where you ONLY breathe through your mouth. I was nervous because I wasn't certain I could do scuba, and still had an unhealthy fear of the water, Barb had her work cut out for her.
   She proved to be patient and understanding, and encouraged me to keep trying until I got it... And finally, I got it. She knew how badly I wanted this and wasn't going to let me get frustrated or fail.
   So I wrote her a quick note to tell her how far I had come, and where I was headed, and how grateful I was for her excellent teaching. She truly did change my life, in ways I never could have imagined possible.
   Today she responded, and can't wait until I get to talk with her in person…