Sunday, May 10, 2015


   Hachi, the puppy that I fostered several years ago, came back for a visit the last few days. He was under a year old when I saw him last, and now he is for. And even bigger than my dogs, who are now 8 and 8.5 years old.
   Hachi is a little more spoiled now then when I last saw him, and he quickly chose the best seat in the house, and taught my dogs to use chairs, too.
    Between that and chasing my dear Kismet, he had a couple of timeouts. Here are the dogs playing "cops and robbers," with baaaaad Hachi in jail.
   Hachi's family is in the process of moving to Rhode Island, for Chieko's new career, so unfortunately he won't be my neighbor much longer. I will miss my friends, but I wish them well, and I hope I will get to go to their new home for a visit soon!