Monday, June 1, 2015

PADI instructor certification weekend

   Well, we all made it... Not just the Skin n Scuba crew, but all 13 instructor candidates including our new friends from Arkansas and Oklahoma. (That's Stevie in the black hat, above. She works at a dive shop in OK city and was grouped with Mel, Chris, and me. We love you, Stevie!
   These are my favorite shots from the weekend in reverse order.
   Here are PADI examiner LeRoy, our course director Sam, and our IDC Steph instructor Scott, handing out our certificates and congratulating us:
   Here's another group photo in which I conveniently found a large rock on which to stand:
   Couple of shots from Beaver lake. The water temperature was 70°, which sounds warm, but isn't. I'm so glad I bought that new 7mm Henderson wet suit!
   Here are our guys: PJ, Tony, and Jerry, upon passing their confined water instruction examination with flying colors:
   That's me on the right, leading Melia through a skill (totally not playing patty cake, I swear):
   Chris and Melia, two of the best dive buddies imaginable. No way I could have achieved this milestone without them!
   Of course Chris would find Westies in Arkansas!
   Chris, Melia, and me:
   Melia, Tony, and PJ:
   Chris and me proving that we can both fit into Jerry's shirt:
   Jerry killing a corndog:
   Couple of treats to myself after a job well done. Normally I don't put anything on my car, but this scuba shark was too cool to resist!