Sunday, July 31, 2016

Theodore Roosevelt Island

   I wasn't aware that this island even existed, but Renee mentioned it yesterday, and after we had spent the day sightseeing along the national mall, a more natural escape seemed like just the thing for today.
   I misunderstood the directions to the park and crossed the Francis Scott Key foot bridge into Georgetown, so I ended up kayaking first, having lunch, walking back across the bridge, and finally finding the island.
   It ended up being a good thing that the day unfolded this way; I was able to catch views of the Potomac and the city from the island, and because I had already kayaked all the way around, it was easy for me to know where I was. And fun to now be on the other side! They walk around the outer edge of the island is only about 1.3 miles, and there are also trails that traverse it through the center.
   The clearing in the middle of the island with the memorial to Theodore Roosevelt was breathtaking, and quiet. I sat on a tall stone wall on a curved bridge over the moat and relaxed for a while. A perfect little oasis in a bustling city.
   Walking back towards the footbridge, I stopped to shoot this beautiful tree carved full of initials. Normally, I prefer to see trees unharmed, but this one was so covered that it had become an entirely new work of art. 
   It was completely covered on all sides! I walked around the back to get the shot, and heard rustling. Looked down just in time to see this beautiful little garter snake! It was very frightened and strike-y, so I had to maintain my distance, but it totally made my day to unexpectedly encounter such a beautiful little creature.
   And then, a ride back to Crystal City on the metro. I SO want to live in a city with a subway system someday… Such a convenient way to get around--as well as beautiful.