Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy happy holidays!!!

   The holidays are in full swing and I am decorating to get into the spirit and share it with the neighborhood... With a little help from my friends.
   The Buttonwood gang sent me a beautiful, fresh cut pine wreaths. My entryway smells divine!
   And it looks great on my door. Although my front porch looks a little like a war between Christmas and Halloween! Can't bring myself to get rid of my cute pumpkins.
   I dug grandmas ornaments out of the attic, and am displaying the Alpine Village:
   This wonderful handmade, sequined Santa may have been created by my grandmother… I found it in my attic and didn't even realize I had it. Mom isn't sure, but said anything is possible!
   And I pulled my fun lime green tree out of the basement. Kismet immediately went so insane that it made me realize I haven't put up a tree in the three years since I've adopted her. She may never have seen a Christmas tree, and judging from her reaction, she likes it. Perhaps too much.
   Took about three minutes for her to knock it over. Now the base is secured with heavy books.
   And here's a photo from the top floor of the intercontinental hotel this week, of the beautiful Plaza lights... One of the best views in Kansas City!
   And today… decorating the tree!