Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: Track Catches Up with Me

   It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I mayyybe tend to overdo things a little, all in the name of fun. And as if I needed a reminder, my fortune in the KC Star recently read: "You often push beyond normal limits, exhausting yourself. You need time to detach and relax." Oh yeah? Well, normal limits are for sissies!!!
   Track week for KCCC tends to create some late nights, and this week was no different. The earliest I left the stadium was 10:30, the latest 11:30, and each night I was never able to get to sleep before 1 am, given that I had to eat dinner and try to come down from my adrenaline rush every night when I got back home.
   This morning I awoke on the couch, in my track uniform (I had at least removed my shoes before reclining last night). The birds were singing and the room was bright... not a good sign. Checked my watch and... AAAAH!!! 7:45!! Exactly TWO HOURS after I normally get up to go to work. And I had a 9:00 group staff with my boss & team. Not good.
   I raced through my morning routine, bolted out the door, and arrived at work with a couple of minutes to spare. I jetted to my desk, dropped off my purse, and headed to the room. Through the peephole I could see that one of our senior managers had joined our meeting, and was talking. @#&*!!! Now it was going to look really bad that I was late... or was it?
   I gathered up my nerve and walked in, and immediately heard Paul talking about making fritters. What the...? Turns out he just returned from Italy and had taken a cooking class there, and was sharing his story. So when he looked at me, without missing a beat, I said, "Well, fritters are about the last thing I expected to be discussing in staff today." Everyone laughed. Crisis averted. Note to self: thank my lucky stars that I have a sense of humor (and so does everyone at work!)